Cookie and data privacy policy

When visiting an Internet site, a visitor shall give his or her consent to the preservation of cookies on a website visitor’s device (a computer or other device used, such as a mobile phone) and their subsequent use in accordance with this policy.

The website uses cookies. A cookie is information (a small text file) that is placed on a device by an Internet site when a visitor visits an Internet site.

Types of cookies:

1. Permanent cookies remain in the device permanently. They are used, for example, to recognize that a visitor revisits an Internet site, or to customize the content of an Internet site to suit a visitor’s needs, or to collect statistical data.

2. Session cookies exist temporarily and do not save them when you exit the Internet site or close your Internet browser. Session cookies are used to enable certain features of an Internet site, such as logging on to a service or product, performing site operations, and so on.

3. Follow-up cookies. The provider of these cookies uses the website structure for survey statistics.

On a site, cookies are usually used to facilitate visitor actions. Cookies allow website servers to recognize a visitor when it accesses the site and allow them to automatically customize the content to suit the visitor’s needs. The use of cookies helps the service provider to learn about the needs of visitors to the Internet site. They shall also provide statistics on the use of a site that are used to assess and improve its performance. Cookies do not in any way pose a risk to the visitor’s device of the website. The home page of exigum may contain third-party cookies, particularly Google Analytics. The Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc, which has access to the statistics collected by this tool.

It is assumed that site visitors have agreed to use cookies if their browser is set to accept cookies. If a visitor chooses not to accept cookies, it may limit the use of services and/or functions available on the provider’s website. The visitor can choose at any time whether the browser accepts or does not accept cookies. The visitor makes the settings in his or her browser, as appropriate, to automatically disable or enable them, or to inform the visitor each time.

You can delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and you can make sure that your browser doesn’t allow you to save them. In this case, you must manually select each time you visit the site, and some services and home page functions may not work.

Exigum does not carry out any personal data retention unless the visitor identifies himself, as the provider’s client, by means of communications with Exigum. We only process your personal data on the basis of your consent. We can only receive your personal information from you and only if you are using our Site Services, for example, if you are contacting customer support via email. The controller is the Unified Reg. of the Exigum limited liability company. Reg. No.: 50203225801, registered office: Ventspils Street 50 k-6, Riga, LV-1002. For all questions related to the processing of personal data, please email:

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites. The links shown in exigum are given only for the purposes of your convenience. Using links to other websites, home pages, or links from them, is your own risk. We are not in any way responsible for verifying or evaluating other websites from which or where our Exigum website links are being carried, and we do not guarantee any other offer of such websites, nor do we assume any responsibility or obligation for the operation, content, products or services of such other homepages and sites, including without prejudice to their privacy policies and the terms and conditions.

Exigum may at any time rectify and clarify these provisions by publishing it on its home page. Any changes made to the rules shall be valid at the time of publication. The website visitor is required to check the contents of this page regularly to see any updates or changes to the cookie policy.

This “Cookie and Data Privacy Policy” entered into force on 25th of May in 2020 and was last updated on 25th May 2020.